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AOL released a few months ago a file of 20 millions queries conducted by thousands of AOL users between march and june 2006 on search engine.

You can ask how many times a keyword was looked for from sites such as (*).

I. Type a keyword in the Keywords field


 You will get a list of all the queries including this keyword on the AOL database between march and june 2006.

Example: results for the word "travel"


II. Click a user ID in the left column

You will get all the queries of this user for the same time frame.

  Then, select with your mouse the table of results and copy / paste it into an Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet. Use the paste special option « Text without form ». Go to the second results page and copy paste again in the spreadsheet and again for each result page

Ready ?

Now, Search Profile him

You have copy-pasted the list of keywords of your user in a spreadsheet, after completing step 1.

Use the « sort by » function of your spreadsheet to sort the data by date.

You have then a list of keywords in historical order

Consider each keyword, imagine the context of each search and write the story around the list of keywords.

You will soon be able to locate the state and maybe the city of the user, as well as a list of his hobbies and purchase intentions. 

Ready ?

Send us the profil you have just written and win $500 


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